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Testimonials for Envision Web

Marylou S., Young Harris, Georgia

“OMG!! I underpaid!!! This is GREAT! Can't say enough about the virtues of your tours . . . maybe you should change the name from 'virtual tours' to "Virtuous Tours"! You really did a wonderful job and I'm thrilled. When the remodel is finished you'll have to come back to do the "After" video. I can't wait to show this to the listing agent, but I'm waiting for just the right time to do so. Maybe it will put him to shame and encourage him to consider other tours for listings that he may have. I feel like sending it to him with a note saying: "When you are SERIOUS about selling a listing, this is the way to move it". And thanks, too for such a quick turn around time in getting it to me . . . especially over the holidays! You're the BEST! Happy New Year!
P.S. Please feel free to use any or all of the above "review" in any advertising you may wish to do.

All the Best,

Jimmy F, Pigeon Forge

“Beautiful Job! The unit sold because of the lovely virtual tour and web presence!”

Nathan Fitts, Blue Ridge, Ga.

“There is no better marketing tool for my properties...And no better company than Envision Web!”

Shane Harstine, VacationByTheBeach.com, Santa Rosa Beach, Fl

“We also have booked 113 Patina 6 times this week based on your VT!!!


Alpine Helen Building Consultants, Helen Georgia

“What a great three dimensional presentation of our work! Still pictures alone do not show the flow of this property. Thanks again for offering such a dynamic product.


Sharon Gay, Athens Ga.

“This is a P.S. to our phone call a moment ago…….

You may remember doing this virtual tour…or not! (You do so many). The buyer actually called me originally and was so interested after seeing the tour. Long story short, the buyers had worked with another Realtor in town months prior when this house wasn’t on the market. Upon finding out the Realtor’s name, I called her and told her she had a client VERY interested in one of my listings.

She then previewed the house and brought her clients to see it the next month when they were visiting relatives in the Atlanta area. We have a contract pending as they want to sell their TX home first if they can.

The sellers knew of the communication I had with the buyer originally and seemed to remember it….so thought I would forward the kudos to you both!”

Tina Lee, Clayton, Ga.

“Hi Stuart and Becky, I SOLD DEERFIELD!!! Thanks to my wonderful
Virtual tour pictures. Thank you thank you thank you,

Love ya ,

Julie Barnett, Harry Norman Realtors, Clayton, Georgia

“My web traffic is incredible,and my virtual tours are the best!

Just google Lake Burton and see why I am so happy!

Thanks Stuart!”

Seller's Realty, Cleveland, Ga.

“A picture is truly worth a thousand words!
Thanks for helping us stay on top with website presence and photography!”

Ron And Gayle Halstead, Murphy NC

“What can I say??!!!! This is fantastic,
Thank you so much,

Dear Stuart and Becky,
I just have to tell you how wonderful these viewing statistics for Virtual Tours are that you send to us. I send them every week to our sellers and they love them too. This information makes us look like heroes to our sellers - As you know, it's difficult to come up with things to tell them every week when their houses are not selling, so your viewing statistics are just wonderful to receive and distribute.

You two are the best!

Roger Smith, Blue Ridge, Ga.

“It is certainly a pleasure not to have to apologize for bad pictures! You guys make me look great!”

Marie Cook, Helen Georgia

“My clueless agent came out and shot their own "Visual Tour" and it was terrible and received the web traffic that it deserved. I had no idea that Envision High Definition Virtual Tours offered such an incredible product. We sold to a client out of state who never even looked at the house in person until they bought it. Thanks to Stuart and the Envision Staff for an essential tool and service!”

Kaye Phillips, Managing Broker Coldwell Banker, Murphy, NC. 28906

“Thanks for your help. I was actually in the lead generation part of the site this morning and set it up and much to my surprise received a lead this afternoon....what a testimony! Thanks again and I will stay in touch. Your full screen tours are second to none.”

Rex Palmer, Cleveland, Ga. 30528

“The Virtual Tour, pictures, and unique web address were essential in getting my house sold ! Thanks to Stuart and Becky for their help.”

Don & Sue Simmons, Myrtle Beach, SC

“This made selling our home a breeze. The professionals at Envision were helpful and guided us
through every step of marketing our property !”

George Tallifero, Miami, Fl

“It is tough to sell a home from 1000 miles away.....or at least I thought it was. I'm glad we met Stuart Wade and found Envision Virtual Tours. The pictures, virtual tour, and web presence made it easy to show our property to people in other areas. As a result, we sold to a couple in Texas. Many Thanks !”

Bob White, Atlanta, Ga.

“We hired an agent that sent Homescenes out to do a tour. You couldn't see our beautiful view and it looked like a little box. There is a difference between virtual tours, I recommend Envision High Definition Tours when you can't afford to take a chance with bad photos!”

Jim and Susan Barker, Tampa, Fl

“I can't believe someone would buy our home without seeing it first! The virtual tour made our house look great, and we got a contract from a couple who just saw the tour.Thats incredible!Many thanks to Envision Virtual Tours for their product.”

Katie Sims, Cartersville, Ga.

“I looked on the internet to find a home where we were being relocated. I became frustrated when all the agents' websites had small distorted pictures. Then I found Bill's site and WOW! Big pictures and a great virtual tour! We were 90% sold before visiting the property. My Sister in-law is a broker in San Diego, and after seeing this, bought a website from Envision Realty Web in Gainesville,Ga.”

Shane Cooper, Huntington Beach, Ca.

“We looked at several lake properties in Georgia, but the prices varied dramatically. We had never heard of Lake Hartwell. Now we live here! Great virtual tour and great agent! Thanks Cindy!”

Linda Harvey, Tucker, Ga

“WOW! It was so neat to shop for a house on my computer. My big concern was the kitchen,and it was laid out just the way I wanted it. Envision shoots the best tours I've ever seen.”

Victor Hopkins, Macon, Ga.

“Its so easy finding a home when there are big pictures and virtual tours on a website. Why don't more agents do this? They must have all the money they need. I am happy with my new home and really appreciate Deborah and her team.”

jack Leverette, Atlanta

“I had an agent who made their own "visual tour" of my home. I didn't know the difference until an associate showed your work to me. What a difference ! I told my agent that she needs to stick to selling property and leave photography to a professional. Envision will continue to grow as long as these agents keep trying to put bad pictures and "home made" virtual tours up. I'm glad I found Donna and she does marketing the right way. My property sold in 3 weeks !”

Todd Barrett, Davie , Fl.

“We didn't even know Lake Burton Existed ! What a great new home for us. The virtual tour and pictures brought us straight to Georgia !”

Carolyn Grizzle, Seller's Realty

“Since I've starting using Envision Virtual Tours and website hosting, my web traffic has increased almost 30 fold since May 2004. I just closed a land deal from a West Coast buyer who found my site on yahoo !”

Tim Smith, Murphy, North Carolina

“We knew our property was beautiful, but thanks to Stuart and Envision Web, Don and Carol were able to find their dream home in the mountains !”

Darby Wilson, Canton, Georgia

“Our house was on the market for almost 2 years, but thanks to our Envision Virtual Tour and proper marketing, it was sold in 19 days ! I don't understand why our former agents didn't get it.”
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